Our range of specialty preserves and brandies will delight your taste buds and create many successful dishes. Everything has been hand-made in our commercial kitchen and is free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

All our products are released only after extensive trialling including feedback from people working in the food industry.

Our prunes deserve a special mention, as we have chosen varieties that differ from the commonly available imported ones. The choice of these has evolved from 10 years of horticultural research as to flavour and best use in different processing streams.

The following products are part of our standard range available any time. We welcome wholesale and retail enquiries, as well as enquiries about customised modifications to our standard products for large orders.

Red Wine Prunes

Prunes macerated in red wine add a special touch to a range of savoury dishes and desserts. The prunes’ sweet and fruity flavours, and a hint of bitter almond from the resident stones complement the slightly dry wine to create a well-rounded taste sensation. Red Wine Prunes are delicious with ice cream or vanilla sauce – a dessert easy to prepare and sure to please. You may add them to fruit salad or a cheese platter for that special touch, or serve them with game dishes and pan-fried fish.

Available to licensed outlets only

390ml jars; RRP -  $15.75

Wholesale prices apply for purchases of 6+. Please enquire.
Prices for 1L & 2L catering packs are available on enquiry.

Pruneaux – Prunes in Brandy

Pruneaux are whole prunes macerated in prune brandy and are a version of a traditional condiment used in the cuisine of southern France; there they are being enjoyed in a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes.  The prunes’ natural sweetness transforms the brandy into a mellow liqueur and goes well with ice cream, vanilla sauce or pavlova, or may be enjoyed as a treat simply on its own.

Available to licensed outlets only

390ml jars; RRP -  $18.90

Wholesale prices apply for purchases of 6+. Please enquire.
Prices for 1L & 2L catering packs are available on enquiry.

Fruit Brandies

Our selection of limited-edition fruit brandies are being prepared according to traditional European recipes. They are great digestives after a meal or may simply be enjoyed as a treat. They include:

Vieille Prune - A plum brandy aged in oak barrels displays a mellow fruity flavour.

Slivovitz - A delicious brandy from plums fermented on the stone. People enjoy drinking it throughout the world, especially in Central and Eastern Europe (where the name originates).

Other fruit brandies - From locally sourced fruit distilled in our specialty fruit still. Please enquire as to the current range available.

Available to licensed outlets only

RRP:     500 ml - $66.15
            700ml - $94.50

Wholesale price for orders of 6+ bottles available on enquiry


Prepared from a plum brandy base, our range of liqueurs includes:

Anisette - an anise-flavoured liqueur mainly consumed in Southern Europe as a mellow digestive and gaining increasing popularity in New Zealand.

Nocino - a green walnut liqueur based on an Italian preparation. Fresh green walnuts harvested from trees on our farm and steeped in Kokalito plum brandy produce this sweet and spicy dark liqueur, which has been gently matured with a special blend of spices.

Limoncello is a refreshing lemon liqueur traditionally made in Italy from from lemons and grappa. The base of our limencello is Kokalito plum brandy, giving it a special smooth finish.

Available to licensed outlets only

RRP:     350 ml – 47.25
            700 ml - $91.35

Wholesale price for orders of 6+ bottles available on enquiry

Chestnut Puree

Our Sweet Chestnut Puree has been inspired by French and Swiss recipes, but contains less sugar than its European cousins and as such brings out the unique chestnut flavour more prominently.
It lends itself to many uses: flavoured with vanilla it makes a superb ingredient for mousses, parfaits, cakes and other desserts, or as an accompaniment to ice cream or cream.
Unflavoured and unsweetened it can be used in soups, sweet and savoury baking, spreads, stuffing in game dishes, or as ingredients for vegetarian menus or desserts.
Because of their limited shelf life (all our products are free of preservatives), chestnut puree is only sold frozen.

Sweet chestnut puree
Available in 250ml (frozen) RRP – 11.00

Pure chestnut puree
Available in 1000ml (frozen) RRP $49.35

Prices for larger quantities available on enquiry.

Extra Fruity Plum Jam

This jam contains at least 60% fruit, allowing the sweetness and flavours of the fruit to prevail. Because of its lower content of added sugar and longer cooking time it is similar to its German cousin, ‘Zwetschgenmus’.

Available in 350g jars RRP $6.50


Seasonal summer fruit have been steeped in oak-aged rum distilled on site to produce luxurious garnishes to ice creams, and other desserts, or an exotic accompaniment to savoury dishes.  It is available with berry or subtropical fruits.

Available to licensed outlets only

Summer Fruit Rumtopf            Subtropical Rumtopf
RRP       290ml - $12.60            290ml - $14.20
             580ml - $17.35            580ml - $20.50

Prices for 1L & 2L catering packs are available on enquiry.

Organic Vegetables

Our staples include onions, red beet, carrots, silver beet plus a variety of smaller volumes of seasonal vegetables.  Apart from receiving wholesale enquiries we are also happy to dispatch orders to individual retail customers. Please enquire as to available range and prices.

Further Information

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